1. Weekly mowing and trimming

  2. Edging of walks and curbs (every other week)

  3. Pick-up misc. debris and clean off walks, drives and entrances

  4. Clippings bagged and removed

  5. Mulching

FERTILIZING PROGRAM - Basic dry 4 step fertilizer

  1. 1st application with crabgrass control

  2. 2nd application with weed control

  3. 3rd application with insect control

  4. 4th application winterizer (for roots)

  5. Roundup weed killer on walks and curbs

  6. Any additional applications (fungicides, pesticides, weed killers)


  1. Snow removal and maintenance

  2. Outdoor illuminations

  3. Roto-tilling

  4. Tree work and pruning

  5. Stump removal and grinding

  6. Weeding landscape and/or flower beds

  7. Mulch installed

  8. Bush hog and brush cutting of lots, fields, etc.

  9. Gutter cleaning


  1. Trimming and shaping with clean-up and removal of debris


  1. Core aerating for spring and fall

  2. Power raking/dethatching for spring and fall

  3. Lawn rolling

  4. Spring and fall clean-up

  5. Removal of debris

  6. Place on curb for city pick-up

.... AND MORE!

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